S&&S Policy Statement

Hey bubs and bebes,

S&&S is now open for business. We are opening our doors to collaborators, guest writers, products and all those fun things. As this site is taking off, I want to share some general promises you can expect from us.

We will:

               Always provide a positive, empowering, honest, and inspiring message toward all walks of life. While all posts are intended to be religiously, spiritually, politically and racially neutral, sometimes things get overlooked, and we apologize ahead of time. If you are ever offended by a post, we want to know! Email S&&S at sarah.simple.and.sweet@gmail.com with your concern!

               Never directly name a person, company, or affiliation in a negative fashion. Life situations may be expressed in posts and featured guest posts, but parties involved will remain anonymous. Any other similar situations where details are coincidental are not done purposely with any malice toward our readers. 

               Always maintain “Pg-13”-esque type content. To retain the integrity of S&&S we refrain from graphic, sexual, and profane references exceeding what the reader may encounter when seeing a Pg-13 film in a US cinema.

               Never bombard our subscribers with spam. Everything sent to out e-mail list will have content of value from S&&S.

               Never sell your information to advertisers or others. Any email correspondence will remain confidential between the S&&S correspondent and the reader.

               Will test all products/services endorsed and evaluate them based on our standards of quality. Any products/services cannot be harmful nor degrading to our following. We strive to keep all of our reviews honest and will not sacrifice integrity.

               If the above guidelines do not address a concern you have, feel free to email us. Or email us with positive feedback, we love hearing from our readers! This site is for your enjoyment, so share what you enjoy, you may inspire a future post 🙂




Owner && Operator

Simple && Sweet

Email: sarah.simple.and.sweet@gmail.com

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